a website address and see if it’s blocked in China.


a look at websites from the perspective of a Chinese user.


your request for a website and get to see if it’s blocked in China.


your reaction and help to keep the most recent situation on censorship in China updated.


this version 1.0 may report sites as being ‘blocked’, while there are only technical reasons for their unavailability.
It's greatfirewallofchina.org's aim to collaboratively build a community that will be able to visualize Internet censorship in an increasingly accurate way.


of this website is to be a watchdog and keep track of which and how many  or how many times sites are censored. Help to keep the censorship transparent. Each blocked website will automatically be added to the great firewall on the homepage.

How it works

We’ve opened a website in China and route your url request on greatfirewallofchina.org through to our server in China. The server in China opens the url and the result is send back. Our testing is only based on one server on one location in China. We have different backup servers in different locations in China might one go down.
Other locations and other servers may give you different access to the various websites.

The censorship methods

used by the Chinese government are becoming more sophisticated, more refined and more extensive every year, involving an increasing number of local as well as foreign parties in their system.


you want a censored internet to become the norm? NO!

About us

we are a non-profit group of creatives such as web designers, documentary film directors and journalists who want to make the censorship system transparent and keep open the discussion on censorship.
Also see the colofon

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